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Looking for an unusually effective approach to social selling?

Meet Jeff Molander—a different kind of social selling expert.

What makes a social selling expert effective?

To be effective at social selling you must be exceptional at communicating.

Any fool can learn how to use social tools.

Starting discussions with social media demands being expert at this process ...


Sparking buyers’ curiosity based on a pain, fear or goal.



Provoking buyers to invite more discussion with you.

At scale, yet personal.


Connecting the buyer-centric discussion to what you sell.

With integrity.

Effective. Proven. Repeatable.

Now that your competitors have LinkedIn too what's your edge?​

Jeff Molander's keynotes and coaching helps sellers form better communications habits that "feel natural" and help prospects self-qualify, quickly. These habits are based on success principles, allowing for adaptation over time.

Because the communications technique that works today won't last long. When one approach doesn't work can your team switch to a second?

Today, sellers must adapt to an ever-changing buyer.

Brian BerlinSales Director, Software Anywhere

Jeff gives me and my team confidence... the ability to know what other sellers are doing, how they are changing and improving results. He gives us a 360-degree view of effective sales communications practices, across multiple industries.

More response, more meetings, more fun

Give your team a fun, repeatable communications technique to spark customers' curiosity in what they're selling.

Most sellers struggle to start conversations with buyers because they don't have an effective, enjoyable way to start them.

social selling expert

Why Jeff

Jeff is the only social selling expert who won’t put you on the defensive. He isn’t preaching what sellers should be doing with social media.

​He’s showing sellers what works to get discussions started. Then, proving it with real life examples.

This helps your sellers improve their communications technique when prospecting—start discussions faster.

Jeff's qualifications

Jeff Molander is an accomplished entrepreneur, having co-founded the Google Affiliate Network and (what is today) the Performics division of Publics Group in 1999.

He’s been selling for 20 years.

He served as adjunct digital marketing faculty at Loyola University’s school of business, is author of Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You and CEO of sales communications training firm, Molander & Associates Inc.

Jeff is the authority on making social media sell. He’s a professional speaker, sought-after corporate trainer to global corporations like Brazil’s energy company, Petrobras, IBM, Leica Geosystems... as well as Kaiser Permanente, Ricoh Canada, Quicken Loans and Pitney Bowes. Jeff assists disruptive start-ups like VerticalFox and Bitsight; mid-sized tech firms like Augusoft and small businesses like 4 Way Logistics Inc. and Precious Metal Refining Services Inc.

Some of Jeff's clients

The Trade Group, Annual Team Meeting, Dallas, TX

March 2017

Kaiser Permanente, Chairman's Circle team meeting, Los Angeles CA

August 2016

Glory Global Solutions, Annual Team Meeting, Hilton Head, SC

April 2016

IBM Inside Sales University (EMEA), Salou Spain

April 2015

Ricoh Canada, Team Training (virtual)

April & May 2015

Talk with Jeff about helping your sales team thrive in 2017!