Effective. Repeatable. Proven.

If your sales organization needs an effective, repeatable approach to social selling meet Jeff Molander—today’s leading social selling expert.

social selling expert
Jeff Molander, social selling expert

Your sellers don't need personal branding. Nor better engagement. 

They need an effective, repeatable approach where engagement is the beginning of a closing process.

Process: The key to success

Process. It defines social selling success. Without process sellers are left with time-wasting ideas like personal branding and engagement.

Being personable and relevant is the entry fee. Process is the force multiplier.

social selling expert

Process speeds-up online prospecting, allowing for:

  • more appointments to be set
  • selling cycles to be shortened
  • marketing materials to be exploited

Social Selling: Evolution, not revolution

Until now, the premise of every marketing and social selling expert has been the same: “Selling is not the same anymore thanks to ___.”

The telephone. The fax machine. Email ... and now social media.

But what has REALLY changed is customers' access to information. It's faster, easier and ubiquitous.

That is NOT a revolution. It's just change. It is evolution.​

social selling expert


 to talk with him about helping your sales team thrive in 2015.

Why Jeff

Jeff is the only social selling expert who won’t put you on the defensive. He isn’t preaching about what sellers should be doing with social media.

​He’s showing reps and dealers what works. Then, proving it with real life examples. This is what will help your sellers improve their approach to prospecting—generate more leads faster.

social selling expert

Make your team social selling experts

Let's teach your sellers a process that makes what they sell a "next logical step" in a social selling process. Let's go beyond making them look like subject experts.  

Show your sales force how to get:​

  • attention faster, easier on social media 
  • deeper engagement and  
  • RESPONSE that starts sales-focused conversations.
social selling expert


 to talk with him about helping your sales team thrive in 2015.